Project Life 2014

Last year, after May, I was in a dark place and could not find a way out despite my best effort. It was a day-by-day struggle, good and bad days. No one (especially my boyfriend) knew what to expect from me.

I had friends and family who sent their love and support. There were friends who I had not spoken to in so long that reached out to me. My boyfriend was especially supportive and patient. I had the support system, but I did not support myself.

I really turned to paper crafting and scrapbooking as an outlet and as I dug through Pinterest for inspiration, I found Project Life, a simple scrapbooking system. I attempted Project Life for a short while but failed to finish it because I could not find the energy to continue. However, it did teach me a very important lesson that I needed to realize sooner – to cherish every day moments. With PL, I was taking in details of every day that I would have taken for granted before. I was taking pictures of everything and posting them on my Instagram (@vanessalovinglife_). I needed to remind myself that I had a blessed life. It was my own way of getting out of the dark place.

This year, I have a fresh and new perspective. I am doing PL from start to finish and will be documenting all the goodness in my life. Here is my cover page:

20131230-232716.jpgA few details on my PL this year:
– 6×8 album, not the big 12×12 PL album. The 12×12 overwhelmed me a little bit and I like being able to carry the album around.
– The Neil Gaiman quote on my cover page is on my previous post. It really inspired me going into 2014 and I wanted it to be the focus.
– I intend on a minimalist approach with scrapbooking details since I will be budgeting.

I cannot wait to share my PL as it progresses! I am so excited for this new year!

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