NYE & Del Mar


My first page:
The journaling: I really needed to close the book on 2013 and I did so through my facebook status.
– January. Okay, I had gotten these alpha stickers from TJ MAXX and they were customizable with ink sprays. I, however, do not have ink sprays and since I had been playing with watercolor a lot, I experimented. I love how it turned out, it surprised me!
– I love this selfie of me and Khoi on New Years Eve! This was the first NYE that he and I actually spent together, which means our FIRST midnight kiss! That quote is actually something he said to me on New Year’s day when we were just casually hanging out.

20140107-191809.jpgThis page:
– On the 3rd, I dragged Khoi out of bed and we drove to Del Mar to go on a run. First of all, I LOVE Del Mar. I love the drive to Del Mar from my house. I love that grassy knoll. And our favorite restaurant, Jake’s, is there. Del Mar being my favorite beach is still up for discussion though. Anyways, this was good for the soul.
– The leaf is actually from my neighborhood. The ground is still covered with these leaves and every day that Gatsby (my best friend corgi) and I go out for a walk, we play with the leaves.

2 thoughts on “NYE & Del Mar

  1. Hi, Vanessa
    Just read your lovely blog posts & I love how sincere and sweet you are. I obviously only know you through Instagram but it’s not hard to tell that you’re a sweet (and a very creative girl). I look forward to getting to know you through your Project Lie adventures better 🙂

    P.S. I know I’m a stranger, and I know it’s not my place to offer comfort for whatever made your 2013 such a difficult year.. I guess I just want you to know that there are people who are here for you (hi) and I’m so glad that creating & documenting happy moments is helping you.


    • Olya, you are too sweet and you made me tear up! Thank you for your kind and touching words! It’s so nice to have met you through Instagram, both you and your work are so lovely! I am also looking forward to getting to know through your work also! 🙂

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