When I went to Del Mar with Khoi, I took a ton of pictures. (So that means I spent a majority of the time walking instead of running, haha.) But when we ended our walk, we sat down at a bench and we agreed that we don’t spend enough time at the beach. I realized that I really do take California for granted and that I would make sure that I become more appreciative of it this year.

20140112-161309.jpgThe CD I have in my car right now is OneRepublic’s Native. There’s not one song on their CD I don’t love, but the song “I Lived” really spoke to me when I was driving one day. It’s inspiring and it makes you want to hold your arms out and spin around. Or that’s just me. It really just rang in my head – to take in every moment like it’s all you have.

p.s. I really wanted to print those lyrics on a constellation pattern and since I didn’t have said pattern among my paper pads, I improvised and found an image on Pinterest.

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