Celebrate small victories.

Phew! It’s finally February! I felt like January was the length of an entire year! I had such a positive, productive, and exciting January; what a great start to the year! I just wanted to celebrate a few of my small victories from January:

– Finished my first commissioned project for a friend (and former manager). She asked me to make her son’s invitations for his first birthday. I had made invitations before, but they were predesigned bridal packages. This was my first time designing an invitation from scratch and boy, was it the learning experience.
– The same week that I had a deadline for these invitations, I also had my first exam for my class. I was stressing out over it, but ended up getting an A. Yay!
– I ran a total of 16 times! That’s 16 times more than I have ever ran since high school, and I graduated in 2007 (oh. my. gosh. I’m old.).
– I have about 100 followers on Instagram! Yes, no big deal to some, but I am really glad that my work is good enough to get a small following (and I love my followers).   The Project Life community is full of inspiring and friendly people; I just want to be friends with all of them.

In a nutshell, it’s already turning out to be a better year.

Hello February! You’ve got big shoes to fill!

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