Happy Valentine’s Day!

My boyfriend and I get into this discussion almost every year about Valentine’s Day, whether we should celebrate it or not. He believes it’s a “corporate holiday,” which yes, it is, but I believe it’s great. “We should celebrate our love for one another every day; there should be no need to set aside a day on the calendar just for it.” Think of it this way – Love is so wonderful that there should be a day specifically for it. Amazing historical presidents and people, our parents and our birthdays, all of those are special and need to be commemorated. Love should be no exception.

And it should not be limited to couples either. “Singles Awareness Day” is what most of my friends accept as February 14. Don’t be silly, moping on the couch with a bucket of ice cream – spend it with people you love. Even better, remind yourself that you love you – buy yourself some flowers. The reason for Valentine’s Day isn’t to remind you that you’re lonely. It’s to remind you that you have people that you love and you should tell them that you love them. We get so busy in our every day, get caught up in the hustle, and we forget to say “I love you” to the people in our lives.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day.

p.s. I want to express my gratitude to my followers. You guys are amazing! Click the photo to download my Valentines for you guys (and my first shot at .pdfs. cringing.).


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