A Day in the Life, February 24


On February 24, I played along with Rachel and photographed my #dayinthelife. Honestly, I’m boring and I had nothing planned that Monday. What I learned about this way of documenting was that I was paying attention to details that I normally would pass up. Even though I only ended up with seven pictures and I had huge gaps between hours of documenting, I still really enjoyed this and it was a perfect way to inspire some creativity. I had nothing planned for the rest of the month, so February in my Project Life would have ended a week early, haha. At least this way, it’s ending on the 24th.

Details on the layout:
– Simple. Ideally, I wanted a 6×8 that held 2×2’s, but I didn’t have such thing. (It’s currently in my Amazon shopping cart). This was the alternative. I liked how it turned out.
– Some brush script. I have been trying to do cursive brush script for my projects, but decided that I was never really a cursive girl and I wasn’t feeling it.
– Incorporated my handwriting (!!) into a picture. I have finally figured out how to edit a scanned image of my handwriting and I was really excited to add it into one of my favorite pictures from that day. I had to use that E.E. Cummings again, the one from my printable.

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life, February 24

  1. Gosh, this is gorgeous. That “twenty four”, oh it’s heaven. Don’t you want to do a mini tutorial on how you made that brush script ? Is it watercolour paint ? Love the difference in pressure. ♥

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    I just recently came upon your instagram and INSTANTLY fell in love! So much inspiration is flowing into me right now haha 🙂

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