Creative thoughts sometimes get the best of me, especially when it’s two in the morning and I should be sleeping – not thinking about how I should incorporate a photograph in a 6×8 layout or preparing letters for (Instagram) friends. However, the wonderful thing about being awake at this exact moment (from where I am) is the quiet of the house and the noise of the rain. It clears my mind and brings peace to my soul, such ideal conditions for writing. I am taking this opportunity to address a question that has been on my mind as of late – What are your intentions? This, of course, in relation to my new creative endeavors.

I have to backtrack a little bit. My friends have always known me to be the creative type. I took an art class (also my last art class) as a freshman in high school. I had every intention of pursuing art when I was declaring my major in college, but I was afraid and intimidated. However, I couldn’t escape my need to be around art. Even when I worked retail through college, I naturally gravitated toward store visuals; it was the only thing I found enjoyable about the retail industry. My boyfriend, who suffers the blunt of my creativity, has been given two scrapbook albums, one doodled Moleskine, and a half-completed Smashbook. It was obvious that I had a strong desire to create.

I started getting back into the swing of things toward the end of last year, but saw that I was sitting on piles and piles of work. I knew that eventually all that work would either get stored away or recycled. It takes passion and when I create something, it makes me feel complete and accomplished. Simply put (and pardon my vulgarity here): I like making shit. I like the shit I make and I don’t like seeing it thrown or stored away in a box forever. Sharing my work (through social media) is my way of documenting and immortalizing my personal work.

To answer my own question: I want to make pretty things forever. And I’d even like to get paid for it someday (all wishful thinking). As of right now though, I am enjoying the stroll of re-discovering my love for paper, paint, and ink. A love that has been there all along.

7 thoughts on “Intentions.

  1. “I like making shit” is the best sentence ever. Love your post and how you opened up. I can relate so much. And how cute is berry blossom white !?

  2. I like the shit you make!
    esp seeing it on social media, it inspires me to make shit when i have free time away from working and class. keep on truckin girl, you’re great at it.

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