Hybrid Art Journal/ Scrapbook


When I noticed that my Project Life album was getting full only after three months, I looked over at all my spreads and took note of why I went overboard. The problem was that I was getting artsy – it was starting to become an art journal and it was taking away from the purpose of the album, which was simply to document moments.

The solution: a hybrid art journal/scrapbook.

I have been training my eye to take better pictures, so I have an excess amount of pictures that don’t necessarily have a place in my Project Life album but deserve to be showcased in a special way on their own. Of course, like PL, I am going to go through this project on the fly. No rules and no limits. I want to include what I don’t necessarily feel comfortable doing in PL – raw emotion: anger, pain, happiness, and love. I also want to use medium that I can’t really include in PL – paint, and fabric not associated with memories.

Excited about this new project!

7 thoughts on “Hybrid Art Journal/ Scrapbook

  1. Recently I’ve been looking at my Project Life album and noticing similar feelings. Every week I have “leftovers” receipts, photos, quotes, etc., simply because I ran out of room in the week’s allocation. I used to have an art journal for 2012/2013, but when that journal got filled, my second art journal hasn’t been getting the same attention and has been kinda lonely.
    Your post re-inspired to continue with my art journaling, guilt-free post PL additions, more journaling, and random pages that just don’t make deme anywhere else.
    Thank you ❤️

  2. This page looks great. I really love the darker colors. I started to make traditional scrapbook pages because I want to use my stash. I also realized it’s a way to incorporate photos which are great, but didn’t made the cut for my project life album. I really like that you made something similar. As much as I love project life, I want to spend more time creating something more complex and bigger. Project life is good for the memories, scrapbooking or an art journal is for the creative aspect 🙂

  3. That’s Awesome! I originally brought project life cards to smash into my la de dah books, the format isn’t for everyone! So it’s great to see that other creatives have hybrid journals too :3

  4. I’m so excited to see what you create! i’m in a similar situation. I do 12×12 PL and want to stick to one or two page spreads and keep it simple. (in the hopes of having only one album this year) So i started a 6×8 that is only for the extras that inspire me and that can be anything from collages, photography, pics documenting my plants growth, old pictures, journaling, etc. So far i’m loving it! but i still want to dig out my composition book art journal for painting and getting messy!
    Happy creating!

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