Wish List #1

I wanted to share a list of 5 items that have recently found their way onto my wish list. These things I can’t stop obsessing about, and I’m sure life would be a little bit better having them around.


1. The Ampersand Tee, from Cake for Breakfast. The ampersand is my favorite letter (yes, it used to be a letter, according to OMG Facts) and my daily outfit consists of cuffed denim jeans, a tee shirt, and sneakers, so I am all about this tee.

2. ‘Let It Go’ Black & white poster, by LifeLovePaper. Two words: too good. It’s really hard to choose between the six other prints that Tina has in her shop right now, but I love this one because it has her brush script and I’m a sucker for a good photo of flowers.

3. 52 Weeks of Art Journaling E-Course, by Rachel Denbow. I’ve been thinking long and hard about starting up an art journal, but I just don’t know where to begin. I have no doubt that this e-course would jumpstart my creativity.

4. These heeled sandals from Zara. I have a pair of wedge sandals that I love because I can walk in them for hours without a problem, but they are nearing their demise. They are tough shoes to fill (no pun intended), but Zara might just have the solution to this problem.

5. Issue No. 7, Darling Magazine. I found this magazine from an Instagram friend/pen pal of mine and have been itching to buy an issue. The description of this issue from the website: “Issue No. 7 of Darling is a celebration of “the heartbeat of life.” Within these pages you will find thoughtful musings on the width and depth and height oflife, the moments that take our breath away, the ones that make our hearts beat with more purpose. Through captivating photo stories you will find essays about how to laugh more, slow down, look beneath the surface, be as original as you wish, compliment well and speak to the mirror instead of it speaking to you. We hope these pages help you know, believe, and live a life full to the brim.”

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